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Are you ready?

Are you ready to


We can help!

Free Quit Smoking Class

Wednesday January 12, 2011 at Missouri United Methodist Church (9th & Elm)

Columbia, MO

5:30—6:30 pm, Room CLC 113

The Class is “FREE OF CHARGE”  

Freedom From Smoking is an 8 session program that is designed to help YOU quit smoking. It is a positive program with great results. Quit Day is the 4th session of class or Wednesday February 2 and the follow up class is Thursday February 3, session 5. The class is 7 weeks and ends on February 23, 2010. 

Program includes all materials and workbooks, NICOTINE REPLACEMENT THERAPY PRODUCTS, REIMBURSED PRESCRIPTIONS and incentives such as a Gift Card towards an ARC MEMBERSHIP OR a GIFT CARD for GYM SHOES at the Shoe Department with successful completion of the program. Some meals will be provided. (Make 7/8 Sessions and be tobacco free for successful completion)  

Contact Julie Sears, Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist with any questions and to register at (573) 777-3007 or jsears@phoenixprogramsinc.org


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